The Homepage of Greg Teiber, aka: Nerobro

Welcome to my presence on the internet. Since the whole facebook revolution I figure trying to seperate Nerobro from Greg is a futile effort. So here I am. Perhaps I'll put a biography of sorts up here, but for now, this will just be a collection of links.

Obviously I am not a HTML guru. But that's the last excuse I'll make about that.

Links, everywhere.

Contacting and finding Greg

First, obviously, is e-mail. Greg.Teiber at Gmail is a good start.
Facebook:Facebook - Greg Teiber
You can find me on linked in by searching my name or e-mail.
You can usually find me on Efnet or Synirc. I'm Nerobro on those networks. Usually you'll find me in #cars and #electronics.
I have Flickr: My Flickr Account
Really, finding me on the internet is pretty simple. Search for Nerobro. As far as I am aware, I am the only one out there. I've been on the internet for a while, so there's all sorts of stuff out there on me.

Pages Hosted Here, and what is here?

Here, is Zod. Zod is a webserver. I built the first iteration of Zod sometime in 2000. He's been alive, without signifigant interuption since then. He's always run slackware, always been a webserver, and usually been a DNS and e-mail server as well. He doesn't do much really... His current hardware is the second revision of a specially configured low power rig. A 600mhz C3 chip and ITX board in a 1u Supermicro pizza box. The 35w main cooling fan was replaced with a pair of 1.5w 1.5" psu cooling fans. His total power draw is 33w average.

Pages and Directories

Bicycle Stuff
Xrays Online Medical documentation? Bragging rights? Shame?
My First Mill It's a lot an easybake oven. It's small, but capable. And in this case, completely built by me.
Motorcycle pictures